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The working principle and structure of radar level gauge

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-26 14:49:18
The biggest function of radar level gauges, which is different from other level gauges, is to measure the level directly without contacting the medium, and it can also feed back the signal to the PLC control system.

1. Working principle

The radar level gauge is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel. The radar wave runs at the speed of light, and the running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components. The high-frequency pulse emitted by the probe propagates in space at the speed of light. When the pulse encounters the surface of the material, it is reflected and received by the receiver in the instrument, and the distance signal is converted into a level signal. It is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of the level of liquid, mud and granular materials, suitable for large changes in temperature and pressure; where there are inert gases and volatilization.

2. Principle structure

The radar level gauge is mainly composed of electronic components and antennas, without moving parts. Few failures during use. The occasional problem encountered in use is that some volatile organic compounds in the storage tank will crystallize on the horn or antenna of the radar level gauge, which requires only regular inspection and cleaning, and less maintenance, as shown in Figure 1.

Three, principle related parameters

1. The measuring range is: 70 meters

2. Process connection: thread and flange

3. Process temperature: -40-800

4. Process pressure: -1.0-20 bar

5. The accuracy is: 0.1%

6. The frequency range is 333,606 GHz-80 GHz

7. Protection class: exiaC T6/IP67

8. The signal output is: 4-20mA (two wires), 4-20mA/HART (two wires), 4-20mA/HART (four wires)


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