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Three “Swords” of the development of liquid level gauge instruments

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-28 14:55:00

The instruments are the hubs that connected to and control the mechanical parts, is the basic components of production. The development of the instruments is the most important of our country's production and construction, so how to develop China's instrumentation enterprises because the daily thinking problem for the instrument people. 


The Brand


A business wants to develop rapidly, must have its own brand, and need a certain degree of visibility. Nowadays, the status of China's instrument industry is many products that didn’t have the quality, by affixing a well-known foreign brands, to sell a good price. Because of this, so many enterprises lost confidence in the China’s instruments! Instrument development needs less detours, then the instrumentation enterprises need to build the brand as a priority, and strive to shape the brand, increase publicity efforts to build international brand quality for the lives of enterprises. The products and service quality determines the interests of customers, but also determines the existence of the significance of the enterprise. Our company's mission is to operate the enterprise with an international perspective, abandon all impetuous and short-sighted, committed to technology and management innovation. To create a high-performance enterprises at home and abroad of pressure, level and displacement measurement and control system of professional service providers. With excellence in quality, superior technology to create us an excellent brand. 

The Technology.


The industry consensus is that the international financial environment has hampered the development of China's level meter industry, but the fact is, mainly because of foreign high-quality products on the impact of the formation of the domestic market. Technology strength is an obstacle to the development of China's level gauge industry, the technology power is not yet mature, we must have our own core technology in order to faster development. Sichuan Vacorda Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises that commitment to independent research and development, and the technological innovation is the fulcrum of enterprise development. To meet the rapidly increasing customers needs to use the advanced technology, it is the important factor to maintain the advantages and leading position.

China's progress requires more advanced technology and products, we are willing to support national progress with a technical characteristics of the high-tech industrial companies.


(The welding process display)

The sales.


At present, more than half of the level gauge sales channels in China is the network, network marketing with the popularity of the Internet is also increasingly welcomed by enterprises. Network marketing in addition to sales functions, but also has the function of brand promotion, the cost is relatively low, and now more attention to network marketing instrument enterprises. What’s more, it is more convenient for clients to buy level instruments from the internet. Network marketing is becoming the cornerstone of the rise of China's level gauge industry. Sichuan Vacorda Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will use perseverance attitude , the first-class technology and service to create first-class quality. And together with many domestic and international enterprises to overcome all types of industry difficulties, and finally build the brand “VACORDA” into a first-clas brands in domestic and international.


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