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Three requirements of working conditions for magnetic turning plate level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-17 15:38:14

In the industrial plant, there will always be some place or a production area where there are some containers or tanks need to be measure the level of the medium inside, and some even need to control the liquid level within a certain range. So the magnetic flap level gauge is a common demand for these measurements. Because it is not only easy to use, but in the viewing and recording also has good performance, or even perfect. However, any things has disadvantages or imperfect, even the perfect things, that is closer to the perfect things, the more the requirements of the surrounding environment. We often say that the application of magnetic flap level gauge is very wide, not to say that there is no requirement on the environment, then what are the requirements of work environment? Here we mainly summarize three aspects of the working conditions.

types of magnetic level gauge

(Types of magnetic level gauge installation diagram)

First, the chemical nature of the medium, which is often said that the degree of corrosion. 

This is a very important environmental requirements, if the measurement medium is highly corrosive, then we should use the corrosion resistance of the material to manufacture the magnetic flap level gauge, such as SS304 is an ordinary anti-corrosion, SS316L on a slightly higher level, and then there are PP corrosion type, and type of stainless steel lined with PTFE corrosion. Especially for some dangerous places, if the magnetic flap level gauge material does not meet the requirements of the corrosive media site, Then it is easy to result in damage to equipment, seriously cause explosion or poisoning and other accidents caused by the loss of property. Therefore, when choosing the magnetic flap level meter, the degree of corrosive media must be clarified.

Second, the high pressure, the pressure between media and the tanks.

Don’t underestimate the pressure, the level of pressure on the magnetic flap level gauge effect the flange thickness, float diameter, the thickness of the main pipe. Such as atmospheric pressure below 1.6MPa and high pressure below 6.4MPA and maximum 10MPa, will affect these data, although the appearance is almost no different, but the specific specification data is different. Or once you put into use, due to the pressure is less than the actual working pressure, it will lead to the level gauge leakage or even burst , serious will lead to casualties. Therefore, before in the liquid level gauge shipment, we will carry out pressure test and leak test.

Third, the temperature. 

Temperature here refers to the temperature of the measurement object, such as measuring the tank level, that is, the internal temperature of the tank. We know that principle of the magnetic flap level gauge is related to the magnetic, that is use the key components - float,and the float is contacted with the media, if the temperature of the float does not meet the actual temperature, it will lead to the magnetic instability of the float, or even loss of magnetism, it can not be measured. Therefore, the beginning of production time, according to the site to provide the medium temperature to produce high temperature float.

The above three points is the main working environment requirements of magnetic flap level gauge,and the reason why we should confirm these three requirements is because there will be different manufacturing costs and to ensure the normal use. However, if you want to purchase magnetic flap level gauge, it will also need to provide measurement range, installation, flange size, etc.

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