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Throttle device related to integrated orifice flowmeter and nozzle flowmeter

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-27 14:33:43
The integrated orifice flowmeter adopts an integrated structure design, through an orifice throttling device composed of two valve groups and a differential pressure transmitter. Like the nozzle flowmeter, the integrated orifice flowmeter is designed based on the principle of mutual conversion of the kinetic energy and potential energy of the fluid. The flow rate of the fluid increases when the fluid passes through the orifice plate or nozzle, and a potential energy difference is generated before and after the orifice plate or nozzle.
There are strict regulations on the standard orifice and nozzle structure size, processing accuracy, pressure taking method, installation requirements, roughness of the pipeline, etc. Only when these prescribed conditions and the flow coefficient provided by the manufacturer are met, can the measurement accuracy be guaranteed .

Non-standard orifice plates and nozzles refer to orifice plates that do not meet standard specifications, such as orifice plates designed and manufactured by ourselves. For this type of orifice plate and nozzle, it must be calibrated before use, and the flow coefficient or flow calibration curve can be obtained before they can be put into use. When designing and manufacturing the orifice plate, the selection of the orifice plate should be comprehensively considered according to the flow rate, the range of the pressure gauge and the allowable energy consumption.

When the orifice plate and nozzle are installed, they should generally be kept in the stable section of the upstream and downstream straight pipes. The center line of the orifice should coincide with the axis of the pipe. For standard orifice plates or orifice plates that have been determined with a flow coefficient, they cannot be reversed during use, otherwise it will cause larger errors. When installed correctly, the obtuse angle of the orifice is the same as the flow direction. Since the different pressure methods of the orifice plate or nozzle will directly affect the value of the flow coefficient, the standard orifice plate adopts corner joint pressure or flange pressure, and the standard nozzle adopts corner joint pressure, and the connection is required when used.

It has been introduced that the orifice plate of the integrated orifice flowmeter and the nozzle of the nozzle flowmeter need to be strictly manufactured and installed in the correct way during installation, which can ensure the accuracy of the measurement and reduce the energy loss.

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