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Tips of using metal tube rotameter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-29 15:40:14

Metal tube rotameter is the most commonly flowmeter used industrial and laboratory. It has features of simple structure, intuitive, small pressure loss, and easy maintenance. rotameter apply to small flow measuring by pipe diameter D <150mm, can also measure the flow of corrosive media. The flowmeter must be installed in the vertical direction of the pipe, the fluid medium from the bottom up through the rotameter. Here are some tips when using metal tube float flowmeter.


  • Make sure that clean welding slag and debris in the pipe before installation of metal tube float flowmeter. In order to ensure that the measurement accuracy of the metal tube flowmeter, the inlet end of the flow meter should be increased at least 10D straight pipe, the outlet end not less than 5DN. Adjust and control valve must be installed downstream of the flowmeter measurement.


  • If the measured medium is the large pulsating or 2-phase stream, a buffer should be installed upstream of metal tube flow meter to eliminate or reduce pulsation, and ensure the flow of the medium is a single phase stable, at the same time, it is recommended to use the damping type flowmeter.


  • If the measured medium is dirty or contains magnetic particles, magnetic filter or filters should be installed upstream of the metal tube rotameter.


  • Install of metal tube rota flowmeter should be properly supported piping vibration or reduce axial load of flow meter, or else support of fixed flowmeter should be increased.

  • When the metal tube flow meter for gas measurement, working pressure in the pipeline should ensure not less than 5 times the pressure loss of flow meter, make the flow meter stable and normal operation.


  • Before using metal tube float flowmeter with alarm limit switch and electrical remote type, open the instrument cover, according to wiring diagram correct wiring.

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