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Tips to using glass tube level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-02 14:56:36

Glass tube level gauge is mainly used for directly indicate the measured liquid level of a variety of tanks, towers, tanks, boxes and other containers. This instrument structure is simple and easy to install and use. The upper and lower valves of level gauge are equipped with safety steel ball, when the glass occur the damage due to accident, the ball in the container under the pressure of the role of automatic sealing to prevent the liquid inside the container overflow.

glass tube level gauge

In practical applications, the glass tube level gauge is very easy to damage, we must be very careful in the transport and debugging. Here Vacorda instruments tell you some tips to using your glass tube liquid level gauge:


1. During the transportation, handling and installation, not allowed to impact or beat, to prevent broken glass and glass.


2. After the evel meter installed, when the medium temperature is high, do not open the valve immediately, the glass tube should be preheated 20-30 minutes until it has a certain temperature, and then slowly open the valve.


3. When put level meter in use, you should regularly clean the wall dirt of glass tube , in order to maintain clear display of the glass tube liquid level gauge.


4. If the quartz tube fracture or scaling serious and need to be replaced, first remove the body, unscrew both ends nuts and nuts, with a wooden tube to the quartz glass tube from one end to the other end, remove the graphite ring, load the new quartz tube, and then set the graphite ring on the quartz tube, equidistant embedded in the body, tighten the nuts and nuts at both ends to confirm no leakage, you can put into operation.


The above are some brief tips in use of glass tube liquid level gauge, if you need further inspection or maintenance, please continuous concerning our official website: www.vacorda.com or just feel free to contact us.


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