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To accurately measure the electromagnetic flowmeter, it is very important to avoid five kinds of environments

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-14 16:05:55
As we all know, there are many factors that affect the accurate measurement of electromagnetic flowmeters, and the most important factor is closely related to the environment. If the environment does not change, the measurement will never be accurate. The editor below will share with you that it is very important to avoid five environments in order to accurately measure the electromagnetic flowmeter.

The installation of the electromagnetic flowmeter should be done in accordance with the requirements. The first one is environmental requirements, we must pay attention to

1. Strong magnetic field

Since it is generally pay attention to keep away from the strong magnetic field during installation, the actual experience of strong magnetic field has little effect

2. Strong electromagnetic wave

The electromagnetic flowmeter should meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility, and be able to work normally in the specified radiated electromagnetic field environment, and will not cause the performance of the instrument to decline or abnormal operation

When the separate electromagnetic flowmeter has large common mode interference on site, the possibility of strong radio waves as the source of interference should be considered when analyzing the cause of the failure. This example is the debugging phase

A rare error of 3. Stray current in pipeline

After the electromagnetic flowmeter is properly grounded, most of the stray current in the pipeline can be avoided. Sometimes a thick wire is used to connect the flow sensor to improve the grounding according to regulations, but it is also affected by the stray current and other measures are required

4. Changes in ground potential

Changes in ground potential will affect flow measurement. For example, the voltage drop on the ground wire of other equipment will change the ground potential of the electromagnetic flowmeter. If a large common mode interference is formed, it will affect the measurement

5. When the electromagnetic flowmeter is used in the water supply and drainage industry, the flow sensor is often placed in the meter well below the water level, so it is often soaked in rainwater that is not discharged in time, or even soaked in water for a long time. Even if the enclosure protection grade is IP67 (dust-proof short-term immersion grade) or IP68 (dust-proof continuous immersion grade). What is the environment.


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