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Two point what we need to notice in installation of magnetic level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-01 15:13:43

Nowadays, the vast majority of factories in the production run, they need to equip the equipment with one or more sets of level gauge, however, because there are many types of liquid level gauge on the market, and the factory equipment measurement object itself has a variety of types, Including the different physical properties, different chemical properties, different functional requirements and installations, etc. and so it will result in the final choice of the choose of the level gauge.  There are many types of level gauge in the market, include magnetic level gauge, glass tube level gauge, float liquid level gauge, glass plate level indicator, quartz tube level gauge, boiler level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge and so on, Here we mainly talk about what we need to pay attention to the installation of magnetic level gauge.  

installation of magnetic level gauge

(Different installation ways of magnetic level gauge)

First, magnetic level gauge producced by Vacorda is the use of high temperature and magnetic components(permanent magnetic) of the magnetic float as the main components involved in the measurement. Because of the magnetic, the magnetic liquid level gauge can not be used around the magnetic device or the items interference the magnetic, otherwise it will affect the normal performance of the magnetic float, which led to the wrong level, so the environment is very important when installation of the magnetic level gauge, we must pay attention to the above things we talk about.

side-mounted liquid level gauge remote type

(Structure of magnetic level gauge)

Second, At the beginning, we said that the installation of the level gauge is different, whether you choose the top loading type(vertical insert tank), or side mounted type(side flange docking), or other installation ways, It is necessary to pre-open the tank and other equipment. Usually the magnetic flap level gauge is installed by the flange types, so for the hole in the device, we must meet the buyers flange standard.

process-connection of level gauge

(Process connection of level gauge)

The above two points is just about the installation of magnetic flap level gauge, and the selection considerations and post-use and maintenance considerations will report later. Please concerning our official website: www.vacorda.com, we will provide you more messe about the level gauge industry.

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