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Under what circumstances will electromagnetic flowmeters produce small signals?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-14 16:12:54
Electromagnetic flowmeters will inevitably have various reasons in operation. As users, we need to understand the causes and countermeasures of these original problems. Let me talk about under what circumstances the electromagnetic flowmeter will produce a small signal.

There are various reasons for the low signal. It is necessary to look at the cause of the problem horizontally and vertically. The following three points are the most likely causes of small signals:

1. When there is external vibration or large magnetic field interference, as shown in Figure 1, when there is no medium flowing, external vibration and other signals act on the sensor, introducing a "false flow" signal. When the signal is higher than the lower limit of the instrument's measurement, It will also accumulate "fake flow" signals.

2. There is an insulating layer on the surface of the electrode, and the mA signal from the external interference or the electrode appears elegant during the amplification and conversion process, which causes the signal to deviate from the normal value and cause errors.

3. When the pump is started, the liquid cuts off the magnetic line of force through the flow meter to generate a flow signal, which is finally used in subsequent links. The measured flow value is valid and should be accumulated. When the pump stops, a small amount of liquid will flow back in the pipeline, cutting the magnetic lines of force in the opposite direction and generating a small signal. However, the actual number is not liquid, and the flowmeter will still sample and accumulate the signal, which has a large error.

These are the situations where the electromagnetic flowmeter will produce a small signal. Hope these solutions can help you.

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