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V-cone flowmeter makes the measurement easier

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-24 16:25:30

V cone flowmeter is a new differential pressure flowmeter proposed in 1980s, Compared with the normal throttle device, it changes the throttle arrangement from the center hole to the annular throttle. Evidenced by the use of a lot of practice, V-Cone flowmeter has lots of advantages, such as, high long-term accuracy, repeatability, small confined installation conditions, wear-resistant, wide-range drive ratio, a small differential signal noise, the pressure loss is small, suitable for dirty media, installation costs low, etc.

 vcone flow meter manufacturer

Working Principle

V-cone flow meter is a differential pressure type flow measurement device. So far it is more than 100 years since all kinds of flow measurement device that based on pressure differential theory been used. Pressure differential theory is based on energy conversion principle in sealed piping, means that to the steady liquid, flux and flow velocity's square root is direct ratio. We know that pressure will reduce when velocity increase, when medium approaches to cone the pressure is P1, but when medium is passing to cone's throttled area, because passing area reduced, speed increased, pressure reduced to P2, both P1 and P2 are connected to differential pressure transformer through pressure mouth. When flow rate is changed, the pressure differential value will increase or decrease accordingly.

working principle of v cone flowmetervcone flowmeter

Product classification and application:


1. Classification:

For installation:

Pipe welding, flange, wafer and plug-in.

For pressure measurement methods:

Pressure tap, face flange pressure tappings, plug-in male flange pressure tappings.

For medium and condition:

Basic type, high temperature and pressure type, temperature and pressure compensation type, anti-corrosive type and anti-adhesion type.

2. Applications:  Metallurgy, chemical industry, Chemical fiber industry, petroleum, nature gas, power supply, Hydraulic, mines, machinery, materials industry , city energy, environmental monitoring.

3. Applicated for many kinds of fluid:  Besides of normal gas, liquid and steam, it also applicate for all kinds of gas, liquid and steam with high dust ,high suspended solids, high viscosity, strong corrosive, crystallize and supersaturated.

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