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Vacorda Electromagnetic Flowmeter Manufacturer

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-24 13:47:14

Vacorda electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturer mainly deals in vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, sewage flowmeter, steam flowmeter, precession vortex flowmeter, etc. 

Vacorda electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, textiles, papermaking, environmental protection, food, domestic sewage, industrial sewage, cooling water, water plants and other industrial sectors. As well as flow meter measurement in the fields of municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging, and building water supply measurement.


Vacorda electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturer is widely used in water treatment industry

Flow measurement is very important for water plants. 

It can not only measure the flow of water intake and water supply, but also provide a basis for economic accounting and diagnosis of the water treatment system, so as to effectively operate and control the water production. For many years, customers have been looking for economical and applicable flow meters, hoping to 
economically and accurately solve the flow measurement problem in water plants. After years of practice and exploration, it is found that the electromagnetic flowmeter can meet the requirements of most water plants and is economical.

For example, the price of a large-diameter electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturer is only 10,000 yuan. With the increasing maturity of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement technology and the continuous improvement of cost performance, turbine flowmeters are more and more favored by the water industry and water companies.

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