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Vacorda “Spirits of Craftsman” for instruments industry

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-19 15:41:47

With the progress of the times, the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of new products continued to be created, and some of the products behind the times have been eliminated. However, with the progress of the times, with the pursuit of people's interests, a variety of knock-off products quietly into people's lives. a variety of products with human wisdom was duplicated without copyright, and some of the spirit that exists in these products is also quietly disappearing. With the lack of these spirits, resulting in product quality, process and continue to decline.

 Vacorda “Spirits of Craftsman”

Although such events continue to occur, but there are also some people, has been insisting the soul of the product, the core technology, the spirit of craftsmen. --- Sichuan Vacorda Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Spirits of craftsman, refers to the craftsmen of their products uncompromising attention to the concept of excellence. Craftsmen like to continue to carve their products, and constantly improve their technology, enjoy the product in the process of sublimation. The goal of the spirits of craftsman is to create the industry's highest quality, the most outstanding products. The spirits which our company,  Sichuan Vacorda Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been insisting and pursuing is the spirit of craftsmen.


Nowadays, the impatient, the pursuit of "short, flat, fast" (less investment, short cycle, quick) to bring immediate benefits, thus ignoring the quality soul of product. Therefore, these companies need more craftsman spirits in order to compete in the long-term success. When other companies are keen to immediate benefits, we Vacorda still adhere to the benefits of "craftsman spirit", watching the continuous improvement of products and service, and constant improvement. In the end, after more than 20 years of high standards of experiences, is still standing in many domestic brands, and become the pride of many users, and even we have lots of high quality foreign clients, and gain their appreciation.


Rigorous and meticulous. Not opportunistic, we must ensure the quality of each component,adopt the strict product testing standards, not up to the requirements will not be easily delivered. From the purchase of materials to the final product molding to product delivery, every step we have a professional supervision, strict quality of the checkpoints, do not let any defective products out of factory.


Professional spirits. After experienced more than 20 years of ups and downs, Sichuan Vacorda Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been always adhere to what we need, the customer needs, the spirit of craftsmen that the times needed. And we believe that in the next 20 years or even more 20 years, no matter how the times change, regardless of product variety and the process change, our belief - the spirit of craftsmen will never change.


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