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Vacorda introduce you types of flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-24 16:57:39

There are so many flow rate measurement methods and instrumentations and the classification methods. So far, the flow meter for industrial use more than 60 types.


The main reason is that so far have not found a flow meter can applicable for all the conditions. These flow meters, each product has its specific applicability, but also has its limitations. Clarified as generally method, the main flow meter are: volumetric flowmeter, differential pressure flowmeter, the rotor flowmeter, turbine flow meters, vortex flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, mass flow meter, plug-flow meter, etc. here we introduce you some common types of flow meter below, which are best-sale types in our company:


Differential pressure flowmeter

Differential pressure flowmeter is based on the differential pressure generated by flow detector installed in the pipeline, known fluid conditions and geometrical dimensions of detector and pipe to calculate the flow rate.

Differential pressure flowmeter consists of primary device (detecting member) and the secondary devices (differential pressure conversion and flow display) components. Usually according the types of detecting to clarify the differential pressure flowmeter, such as orifice flowmeter, Venturi flow meter, etc.

orifice plate flowmeter

(Orifice plate flow meter)

Differential pressure flowmeter is the most widely used flow meters, it usually takes the first place in all types of flow meters. In recent years, the advent of new types flow meter, its usage percentage gradually decreased, but is still the most important type of flowmeter.

Differential Flowmeter particularly wide range of applications: from fluid areas: single-phase, mixed phase, clean, dirty, viscous flow, etc. from working conditions: the atmospheric pressure, high pressure, vacuum, room temperature, high temperature, low temperature. From diameter aspect: from a few mm to several m; flow conditions: subsonic, sonic, pulsatile flow, etc.




Rotameter is the most commonly flowmeter used industrial and laboratory. It has features of simple structure, intuitive, small pressure loss, and easy maintenance. rotameter apply to small flow measuring by pipe diameter D <150mm, can also measure the flow of corrosive media. The flowmeter must be installed in the vertical direction of the pipe, the fluid medium from the bottom up through the rotameter.


(mental tube rotameter)

It has all-metal structure, there are instructions type, electric remote type, decay-resistant type, high-pressure type, jacket type, explosion-proof type. With 0-10mA, 4-20mA standard analog signal output and on-site instructions. Accumulation, digital communication, on-site modification of measurement parameters, different power supply function, with a magnetic filter and special specifications varieties.


Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment and other industries, to adapt to complex, harsh environmental conditions, and a variety of media conditions in the flow measurement process.

Turbine flow meter

Turbine flowmeter, is the main species of velocity flow meter, which uses multi-blade turbine measuring mean velocity of flow, then to derive the flow rate or total flow. Generally it consists of sensors and a display device, it can also be made integral type if you need. Turbine flowmeters is one of the high repeatability and precision flowmeters.

turbine flowmeter

(turbine flowmeter)

Electromagnetic flow meter


Electromagnetic flow meter is based on the Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. And it is applicated many industries, such as the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, steel, water treatment, environmental protection and pharmacy industry for types of mediums, such as acid, alkali, salt solution, etc.


(Electromagnetic flow meter)

Vacorda’s intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has series of advantages, such as high speed calculation, high pression, reliable and easy installation.

Another point we need to know is the measured medium needs to have some electrical conductivity according to the principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter, or it won’t work. And the medium must be liquid, not oil or gas.


Vortex flow meter


Vortex flowmeter is researched and producted based on the principle of Karman vortex , mainly used for industrial pipeline medium fluid flow measurement, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media.

It is characterized by small pressure loss, large measuring range and high precision. It is not affected by parameters such as density, pressure, temperature and viscosity in measuring volume flow.

vortex flow meter

(vortex flow meter)

No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability, small maintenance. Instrument parameters can be long-term stability.

Vortex flowmeter using piezoelectric stress sensor, high reliability, can be -20 ~ +250 operating temperature range.


There are analog standard signals, but also digital pulse signal output, easy to use with computer and other digital systems, is a more advanced and ideal measuring instruments.

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