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Vigorously develop sensor technology to produce our own sensor

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-12-14 15:55:54

Using the sensors is the main means to obtain information in the field of nature and production. In modern industrial production, especially in the automated production process, use a variety of sensors to monitor and control the various parameters of the production process, let the equipment work in the normal state or the best condition, and to achieve the best quality products. With the development of science and technology, the accuracy requirements of various kinds of measurement are getting higher and higher, and the amount of measurement data are more and more, so a variety of measuring tools and sensors have emerged. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, sensor applications gradually broad.  In our industry, the sensors can be used in the magnetic level gauge, types of flowmeters, temperature instruments and pressure instruments. it play a key role in the measuring instruments.

display types of sensors

Therefore, Sichuan Vacorda aware of the need to have our own sensor technology. Through discussion and research, we unanimously decided to vigorously develop sensor technology. So we spent millions of dollars for the purchase of advanced sensor manufacturing equipment, set up a group of talented and passionate R & D team, recruiting a group of experienced production workers, everything is to produce our own sensors. The intelligent sensor is the direction of Vacorda research.

The demand for intelligence of all areas, that is, the needs of information is constantly enhanced. Sensors become one of the most important electronic devices that need to be developed urgently, especially intelligent sensors which can collect, process, analyze and transmit information.

vacorda pressure sensor

At present, smart sensors are the hotspots and frontiers of sensor research in the world. the main bottleneck of domestic sensor industry to miniaturization, integrated development is the lack of capacity of IC and MEMS technology industry chain. Whether in the technical quality, production capacity or in the scale of production compared with the international advanced technology, the gap is relatively large. So it is the leaps and bounds in the development of ideas carry out smart sensor research by vacorda, is the key measures of the strategy to occupy the future of information technology, and also the future trends of sensors development.

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