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What Are Our Common Anti-Corrosion Level Gauges? (Ⅱ)

Author:Vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-09-10 14:20:24
1. Anti-corrosion capacitive level gauge

Principle: The anti-corrosion capacitive liquid level gauge adopts the change of measuring capacitance to measure the level of liquid level. It is a metal rod found in the container where the medium is placed, and our container wall serves as another electrode! The medium between the two electrodes is the liquid and the gas on it. Since the dielectric constant of the liquid is different from the dielectric constant ε2 on the page, when our medium level gauge rises, the capacitance level gauge is two The total dielectric constant between the electrodes will increase, and the ε value will decrease when the medium level gauge drops, and the capacitance will also decrease! The capacitive level gauge measures the level of the level gauge through the change of the capacitance between the two electrodes.

capacitive level gauge

2. Anti-corrosion hydrostatic level gauge
Principle: The anticorrosive hydrostatic level gauge is to install its diffused silicon oil-filled core in a stainless steel shell. The protective cap on the front will protect the sensor diaphragm. There are also types of liquid that can contact the membrane. The function of the film, the waterproof wire and the shell will be precisely linked together, the vent pipe is connected to the outside world inside the cable, and the internal structure protects against dew.hydrostatic level gauge
3. Anti-corrosion ultrasonic level gauge
Principle: The anti-corrosion ultrasonic level gauge is composed of a complete ultrasonic sensor and control circuit. Its principle is to emit ultrasonic waves through the ultrasonic sensor, and the ultrasonic wave will return when it hits the surface of the medium, and then the level gauge of the ring can be obtained by converting the time required to return.Ultrasonic level gauge
4. Anticorrosive tuning fork level gauge
Principle: The working principle of the anticorrosive tuning fork level gauge is to vibrate at a certain resonance frequency through the tuning fork installed on the base. When the vibration wave of the tuning fork is in contact with the medium on the north side, the flat and amplitude of the tuning fork will be changed. These changes are detected by our smart circuit and processed into a switch signal.fork level switch

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