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What Are Our Common Anti-Corrosion Level Gauges? (Ⅰ)

Author:Vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-09-09 17:39:13
1. Anti-corrosion type magnetic flap level gauge
Anti-corrosion type magnetic flap level gauge is also called magnetic float level gauge or magnetic flip column level gauge in the industry.

Principle: Manufactured according to the principle of buoyancy and the principle of magnetic coupling. When the level gauge in our measured container is raised and lowered, our float will also be transferred to the magnetic through the coupling effect with the floating through the internal magnetic steel. On the indicator panel of the flap, the red and white copy is rotated by 180°. When the liquid level rises, the white of the magnetic flap turns red, and when the level gauge drops, it becomes white. The red and white junction on the surface is the container. Actual height of inner level gauge


2. Anti-corrosion radar level gauge

Principle: The radar level gauge is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time formation, and the radar wave will start to move at the speed of light. The running time will be converted into no WeChat signal through the electronic components in the level gauge. The high-frequency pulse signal sent by the probe will start to propagate along the probe, and when it encounters a medium, it will be reflected back and received by the instrument, and the distance signal will become a level signal.

radar level sensor2

3. Anticorrosive float level gauge

Principle: The structure of the anti-corrosion float level gauge is mainly designed from the principles of buoyancy and static magnetic field. The position of the float with magnet in the medium will be affected by buoyancy, and the change of liquid level will cause magnetism. The change of the position of the float, the magnet in the float and the function of the sensor will change the number of originals introduced into the circuit, and then the blood volume of the circuit system of the meter will change, that is, the change of the position of the float will cause hard spots. The change in blood volume, and then we can detect the change in blood volume to reflect the situation of the level gauge inside the container


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