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What is a high-voltage magnetic suspension level gauge? What is the application description?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-07 14:33:03
The most significant feature of the high-voltage in-situ magnetic levitation level gauge is that it is resistant to high pressure and can be used normally in a high-pressure environment. It is more suitable for chemical, smelting and other occasions. The high-pressure local magnetic levitation level gauge is more convenient to read. The following section discusses the characteristics of the high-voltage local magnetic suspension level gauge.

1. What is a high-voltage magnetic suspension level gauge?

The high-pressure magnetic float level gauge is composed of a measuring tube, a flip box (composed of a red and white two-color magnetic small flip cover), a float, a flange cover, etc. It can be used for liquid level measurement of various liquid containers, and can be used for high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, Display and control of liquid level in catering, on-site display or remote transmission.

High voltage magnetic suspension level gauge

2. What are the characteristics of the high-voltage magnetic suspension level gauge?

The UHC series high-pressure magnetic levitation flap level gauge is suitable for the measurement and control of the liquid level and boundary position of the high-pressure liquid container. It clearly shows the liquid level height, and the display is intuitive and eye-catching. The indicator is completely isolated from the storage tank, and it is safe to use and design. Reasonable, simple structure, convenient and reliable installation, stable performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, convenient installation and maintenance.

According to the needs of the project, the user can cooperate with the remote transmitter to realize the local digital display and output the standard remote transmission signal of 4-20 mA to meet the needs of recorder or industrial process control. It can also cooperate with the magnetic control switch or proximity switch to control the liquid Monitor and alarm, or control liquid import and export equipment.

3. What is the application of the magnetic suspension level gauge?

A shut-off valve is installed between the side-mounted level gauge and the upper and lower branches of the container to be tested to open and close the level gauge and also facilitate the maintenance of the level gauge. For liquid media containing suspended impurities and magnetophilic substances, level gauges are not suitable, because these level gauges may cause blockage of the float assembly. In order to prevent the float assembly from being damaged during transportation, the float assembly is packaged separately from the main body of the level gauge when it leaves the factory. After the level gauge is installed, open the bottom sewage flange and install the float assembly into the main pipeline. When installing, please pay attention to the direction of the floating assembly and make sure that the arrow on the floating assembly is turned on.

High voltage magnetic suspension level gauge

When the side-mounted level gauge is put into use, the lower diverter valve should be opened first, so that the liquid in the container can smoothly enter the main pipe of the level gauge, and avoid the rapid rise of the liquid impacting the float assembly, causing the failure of the magnetic flip column. When the flip fails, please use the magnetic steel to guide the magnetic flip column before it can be used correctly.

The high-voltage magnetic levitation level gauge has its unique bright spots and is more convenient in use. Huikeda Instruments believes that the application range should be paid attention to when selecting this model.

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