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What is the application field of the plug-in float level gauge?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-07 14:47:20
Many devices are common in daily life, such as plug-in float level gauges, which are often seen in the chemical industry. Many people don't understand this kind of equipment. For example, what is the application field of the plug-in float level gauge? The plug-in float level gauge is mainly composed of magnetic float, sensor and transmitter. When the maglev ball floats up and down with the liquid surface and along the pipeline, the magnetic steel in the maglev ball is pulled into the reed switch at the corresponding position of the sensor to change the total resistance (or voltage) of the sensor, and the transmitter will change the resistance (or Voltage) signal is converted into 4-20mA current signal output. The XMT series digital display controller produced by our factory is optional
Plug-in float level gauge

The structure principle of the float level gauge

The detection tube of the sensor is equipped with a set of reed pipes and precision resistors. When the magnetic float outside the tube changes with the liquid level, the reeds at the liquid level in the detection tube are sequentially connected to change the resistance value of the sensor. The conversion circuit module in the junction box converts the resistance value into a current output

Main technical parameters of float level gauge

Measuring range: 300~6000mm; Accuracy: soil 1.5% (H&; General Electric; 5% (H<1000mm); Transmitter power supply: 24VDC, 4~20mA DC two-wire system; Transmitter power consumption: &; Le; 720mW ; Medium temperature: -10~100℃; Medium density (&M); General Electric; 0.45g/cm3; Working pressure: <1.6Mpa; Connection flange size: DN 100, PN 1.0; DN80, PN1.0; DN50, PN1.0; coal control mark: coal preparation type: Exd II bt4-6; intrinsically safe type: Exia II ct4-6; explosion-proof certificate number: explosion-proof type: gyb00333; intrinsically safe type: gyb00334; protection level: IP65

The float level gauge has simple structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, simple maintenance and low price. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for liquid level measurement of various media. The instrument can not only output 4-20mA two-wire current signal, but also can choose LCD or pointer indication on site, which is convenient for instrument debugging and on-site inspection. The sensor part of the liquid level gauge adopts American Hamlin dry spring switch tube, in order to solve the problem that similar products cannot detect the liquid level normally and accurately after long-term use after magnetization.


Plug-in float level gauge

Application field

The float level gauge has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient debugging, good reliability and high precision. The float level gauge can be widely used in continuous measurement of the liquid level (boundary) of high temperature, high pressure, viscous, dirty media, asphalt, wax oil, flammable, explosive, and corrosive media. The float level gauge can be used for industrial measurement and control of the liquid level of various storage tanks such as petrochemical raw materials, industrial processes, biochemistry, medicine, food and beverage, tank farm management, and underground storage tanks at gas stations. The float level gauge is also suitable for dam water level, reservoir water level monitoring and sewage treatment, etc. The plug-in float level gauge is one of the commonly used equipment in the industry, so we can learn more about relevant knowledge points, or choose Go directly to the website of Meant Instruments for consultation.

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