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What is the connection method of the float level gauge? What are the advantages of float level gauges?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-06-04 16:33:01
You can choose to use a level gauge when measuring liquid level. For example, the float level gauge is the most commonly used thing. The following is an introduction to the wiring method of the float level gauge and what are the advantages of the float level gauge.
   float level gauge wiring

   Wiring method of float level gauge

   The wiring of the float level gauge is very simple, as long as you open the terminal box, you can see the positive and negative connecting terminals. It can be connected directly with a 24V signal power supply. Float level gauge is a kind of continuous measuring instrument which is widely used. Let me show you the wiring of FW FW float level gauge as an example. After the float level gauge opens the junction box, you can see a row of wiring terminals. There are positives and negatives on the left, and positives and negatives on the right. Just connect the positive and negative of one of them. The float type liquid level switch is generally 1 cable, there are 3 wires in the cable (actually only 2 wires are used), the internal rotation Zhuan removes the shu to close, the float is up or down, and the resistance range of the multimeter is used to check the continuity and Cut the line. The liquid level switch can be connected to the power supply in the high water tank and underground water, that is, the high water level, so the float is up or down after connecting to the controller, and observe the working condition of the water pump. If not

   float level gauge wiring

What are the advantages of    float level gauge

  1. Long life. The instrument uses imported plastic oboe in the Float-11 series of balloon level gauges. At the same time, it pays attention to technical details and strictly controls the production process and quality inspection to ensure that the product has ultra-high reliability and a longer service life.

  2, humanization. By highlighting the LED display header, it can be placed in a horizontal and upright design, which is very convenient for observation in various APPs.

  3, high explosion-proof. According to the double explosion-proof certification of withstand voltage and intrinsic safety, withstand voltage level Ex d IIC T6 and intrinsic safety level Ex ia IIC T6, it can be used in the case of explosion hazard.

   4. Seal well. The sealing performance is good, and the unique sealing design is adopted, and the protection level of the whole machine can reach IP66/IP67.

   5. Corrosion resistance. The wetted parts of the Float-11 series float level gauges are made of 304, 316L and can be configured on the coating (ECTFE/PTFE) to meet the measurement requirements of different media.

  6. The airbag level gauge has a wide range of uses. This product is mainly used for the measurement of strong corrosive liquids, and is widely used in chemical, oil refining, storage and transportation, water treatment and other industries.

   Balloon level gauge has the advantages of long life and high measurement accuracy. The editor introduced the wiring method of the float level gauge above, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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