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What is the installation technology of pressure transmitter in steel plant?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-13 16:29:11
Steel mills believe that people are no strangers. There are many pipes and branches inside, some are out of utility, and some are very hot near the smelting furnace. If you do not pay attention to the site environment, the pressure transmitter is easily damaged. So what are the installation techniques for pressure transmitters in this environment? see you later!

Before installing the pressure transmitter, observe the harsh environment on site. To observe where is suitable for installation, which is not suitable for installation. Determine the location and see if there are interference sources around and whether it affects other equipment. The most important point is that there are many pipes in the steel plant. It is very convenient for the workers of the steel plant to see during installation. The environment is most familiar to the workers in the steel plant. The following are the essentials for the installation of 10 pressure transmitters supported by veteran workers in first-line steel plants.

HBY 201 Micro Pressure Transmitter01

installation tips

1. It should be set up in a ventilated, dry, ignorant, cool place with small temperature changes. When installing in the open air, a protective film should be added to avoid direct sunlight and rain to avoid product performance degradation or malfunction.

2. It is strictly forbidden to hit, hit, decompose, forcefully clamp or pierce the pressure hole or metal film with sharp instruments.

3. Please read the product manual carefully before installation, wire it correctly, and be careful not to make wiring errors in the product.

4. When measuring liquid medium, before applying pressure, the air in the pipeline must be discharged with a shut-off valve to prevent the high pressure caused by compressed air from causing the sensor to overload.

5. It is forbidden to exceed the index and overload, and the damage of the sensitive membrane caused by the excess index and overload exceeds the range of 3 packs.

6. Pay attention to the protection of the product lead cables. The cable joints should be sealed to prevent water or moisture from affecting the performance and life of the entire machine. The rear lead of the transmission should ensure that the atmosphere is unblocked.

7. When measuring steam or other high-temperature media, please be careful not to exceed the operating temperature of the transmitter, and connect an incubator or other cooling device if necessary.

8. When installing, a pressure shut-off valve should be installed between the transmitter and the medium. Therefore, it is necessary to check and prevent pressure blockage, which affects the measurement accuracy. If the pressure fluctuation range is large, a pressure buffer device should also be installed.

9. When using in dangerous places in steel mills, the housing cover of the transmitter must be tightened, and the safety regulations must be strictly followed to ensure safe use. The housing cover of the transmitter cannot be opened when the machine is turned on.

10. Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters must have safety nets before they can be used in hazardous locations with explosive mixtures. The safety net shall comply with the provisions of GB3836.4-2000 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 4 Intrinsically Safe", and obtain the explosion-proof certificate through the relevant explosion-proof experiment of the explosion-proof department.

In summary, to install the pressure transmitter in place at one time is to pay attention to the installation method. Experience is the best teacher. I hope this article can help everyone.

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