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What is the principle of the magnetic flap level gauge? Which industries are suitable for use

Author:vacorda    Source:www.vacorda.com    Date: 2020-10-30 15:06:04

There are many professional measuring instruments currently available. The use of measuring tools is actually to test various media, materials, etc. in various fields. Therefore, the demand for inspection in this area will also increase a lot. Therefore, various measuring instruments used for inspection are indispensable Yes, when it comes to the self-turning plate water level gauge, this inspection tool works very well, so the measurement result is also very stable, so, how about the performance after use?

magnetic level gauge

1. Suitable for testing field

There are many inspection tools that can be used for their own purposes, which is worth noting. Magnetic flip plate water level gauge is mainly used in towers, tanks, star containers and other equipment. Suitable media include petroleum, chemical raw materials and other media testing, with very strong performance and adaptability.

2, how about the performance after use

In order to ensure that there is no problem in the process of using the test tool, it is also necessary to understand the performance during use. The magnetic flip plate water level gauge is mainly suitable for various corrosive, high temperature, high pressure and other fields. After use, the measurement results are accurate and safe, and can produce durability and anti-corrosion effects. Very good performance after use, very reliable

At present, the frequency of using magnetic reflector water level gauges is getting higher and higher, indicating that this kind of inspection tool is indeed recognized in many fields, and there are many situations that need to be inspected in more severe environments, so it is necessary to use this tool.

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