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What types of transmitters are available in all walks of life

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-19 15:14:51
When it comes to the types of transmitters, few people answer, let alone the types of all walks of life. In fact, transmitters in different industries have different divisions and requirements. The following is a summary of the types of transmitters used in various industries.
HBY 201 Micro Pressure Transmitter01
Commonly used transmitter classification:

What types of transmitters are there? As we all know, a transmitter is a device that converts a physical measurement signal or a common electrical signal into a standard electrical signal output or through a communication protocol. The following pressure transmitter series summarize the following transmitter types:

Transmitters include pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters. Transmitters are usually used to measure pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, liquid level, flow rate and density. Transmitter is divided into two-wire system and four-wire system. There are many two-wire system transmitters; there are pneumatic and electric transmitters, and most of them are electric transmitters. There are intrinsically safe (intrinsically safe) and explosion-proof types; there are intelligent and non-intelligent ones, and there are more and more intelligent transmitters.

Commonly used power transmitters include: AC current transmitter and AC voltage transmitter, active power transmitter and reactive power transmitter, power transmitter, frequency transmitter, temperature transmitter, DC current Transmitter and DC voltage transmitter, etc.

The basic error value of the transmitter is different when it works at different operating points. Therefore, the maximum basic error that may occur in the entire range is specified to indicate the accuracy level of the transmitter. The accuracy grade is an important indicator to measure the measurement accuracy of an instrument or meter. The smaller the accuracy level value, the higher the accuracy of the instrument or meter, and vice versa.

Purpose: 201 pressure transmitter and compact pressure transmitter are used for field display, explosion-proof pressure transmitter is used for explosion-proof type, and high temperature pressure transmitter is used for high-temperature type.

In short, different occasions, different needs, different purposes, what kind of transmitter to use.

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