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When is the vortex flowmeter installed properly

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-12 16:04:26
The installation time of the vortex flowmeter is unlimited and can be installed at any time. The best time is before the shutdown, that is, when all the machines are not running, or when there is a main valve, the main valve can be closed before installation without affecting other equipment, so the installation should be flexible.

First, when to install

1. New plant: The installation time of vortex flowmeter is unlimited. When installing the instrument, if the new plant can be installed at any time, only need to pay attention to the relevant installation process and operation, the installation of the new plant must be compatible with other equipment.

2. Before shutting down: some manufacturers run for 24 hours. If they are closed for installation, they must ensure that other equipment is not affected before shutting down. If it is not affected, you can install it. If it is affected, can you find the best solution? For example, if there is a main valve in the pipeline, you can close the main valve before installation.

3. Before overhaul: all machines are damaged. Some machines can't run, so we need to stop for maintenance. We can use this opportunity to install them before the overhaul.

2. Installation precautions

1. Different manufacturers have different on-site working conditions, so the installation methods are also different. Try to change flexibly according to the actual situation on site.

2. When installing, try to avoid installing in a place where there is a magnetic field and close to the main valve.

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