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Where is the capacitive differential pressure transmitter suitable for

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-25 16:52:27
Where is the capacitive differential pressure transmitter suitable for? The instrument workers of many manufacturers can’t answer, they only know where to install, no problem, no problem in normal operation, capacitive differential pressure transmitter is specially used to measure the differential pressure value of the pipeline, its most prominent function is It can be used in conjunction with a throttle orifice flowmeter.
Capacitive differential pressure transmitter is a typical self-balancing measuring instrument. The working principle of negative feedback is adopted to overcome the influence of unfavorable factors such as component materials and processing technology. Let's discuss the application of capacitive differential pressure transmitter
. First, the throttling device is installed in the pipeline. When the fluid passes through, there is a pressure difference between the front and back, and the pressure difference has a certain relationship with the flow rate. When measuring the differential pressure with a differential pressure transmitter, the measured value of the flow can be obtained
2. Measure the pressure difference between two points. Such as measuring the pressure difference between two points in the tower equipment and the pipeline or the resistance loss between two points
3. After proper calculation, the liquid interface can also be measured with a differential pressure transmitter
4. When there is no special pressure or vacuum instrument, under certain conditions, the differential pressure transmitter can be used to measure pressure (negative pressure to the atmosphere) and vacuum (positive pressure to the atmosphere)

5. After adding appropriate auxiliary devices, the rising height of equipment or parts can be measured, such as measuring the rising height of the horn cover of the gas tank

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