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Why Choose ultrasonic level meter?

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-08-03 16:35:06

Because the ultrasonic level meter is measured by the time between the transmission and reception of sound waves to calculate the distance between the sensor and the object under test. No mechanical movable part, high reliability, simple installation, convenient, is non-contact measurement, and not affected by the viscosity of the liquid, density and other effects of low accuracy. It can be widely used in liquid solid material height measurement.

principle of the ultrasonic level meters

ultrasonic level sensors

Ultrasonic level meters are typically used to measure the level of the temperature between -40~100 and the place where the pressure is below 3Bar (5kg/).


1. Installation types of the ultrasonic level meter

installation of ultrasonic level meters

1) The ultrasonic level meter should be placed at the top of the container.

2) Select an appropriate method to install the ultrasonic level meter.

3) The Ultrasonic transceiver sensor surface should be parallel to the liquid surface.

4) Ultrasonic Transceiver sensor surface should be avoided near the side wall of the container.

5) To avoid vibration or shaking of the liquid level gauge loose, please be careful of the rugged installation.

6) Do not install more than one ultrasonic level meter in the same container, ultrasonic interference with each other will lead to measurement errors.

7) Installation position should avoid direct sunlight, outdoor installation should be added protective cover.

Installation position should avoid direct sunlight

8) Installation position should avoid strong vibration area, such as installed in the light vibration area, and should be installed rubber damper.

9) The mounting position should be away from the feed port and not be able to touch obstacles.

10) If flange installation, please pay attention to flange riser height and the relationship between the vertical tube diameter.

Vertical tube height(mm)

Vertical tube diameter(mm)











2. There are three ways to choose ultrasonic level meter for liquid with severe fluctuation of liquid level

A. Select the ultrasonic level meter with automatic power control function.

B. Use a larger range of ultrasonic liquid level meter.

C. The liquid level in the open caisson is measured by adding the open caisson.


3. Two-and three-wire ultrasonic level gauges

Two-and three-wire ultrasonic level gauges

A. Two-wire ultrasonic level meter its power supply (DC24V) and signal output (dc4-20ma) share a circuit, for the standard transmitter form, the lack of transmission power is weak, not suitable for large fluctuations in liquid level measurement, when the liquid level has a large evaporation, the measurement effect is not ideal.

B. Three-wire ultrasonic level meter, its power supply 24VDC and signal output 4-20MADC each use two lines, negative end and the ground share a line.

Its advantage is that the transmission power is large, suitable for a variety of conditions of the liquid level and the level of measurement, the effect is better.


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