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Why can't oil use electromagnetic flowmeter

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-12 16:07:55
According to common sense, the electromagnetic flowmeter can completely measure all media, but it cannot measure oil according to the principle of distinction, because its principle is that the medium generates magnetic lines of force to achieve the purpose of measurement.

First of all, the ingredients are different

The density of oil is less than the density of water. If water and oil are mixed, it can be measured. If it is completely oil, such as diesel or gasoline, it cannot be measured with an electromagnetic flowmeter. This is related to its density composition.

Second, the conductivity is different

The medium can be divided into conductive and non-conductive. Normal media such as water, chemical sewage, and tap water are conductive. If it is oil, it does not conduct electricity. There is a saying that electromagnetic flowmeters must be "conductive" liquids before they can be used.

Third, the viscosity is different

There are many types of oil, such as hydraulic oil, which has a high viscosity and is difficult to pass when measured with an electromagnetic flowmeter.

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