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Why install an electromagnetic flowmeter in an industrial sewage flowmeter?

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-22 14:45:25
Quality is the prerequisite and installation is the key. Electromagnetic flowmeters are extremely important in the installation of industrial sewage. As a powerful manufacturer of sewage electromagnetic flowmeters, there are countless problems encountered in various sewage installation sites, in terms of feedback and after-sales service. , All have extremely thoughtful experience, which ensures that the personnel of Ruilin Instrument have the ability to explain to customers, make important analysis for customers, and help customers to install correctly.

1. Like other flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters also have requirements for straight pipes before and after installation, but it is lower than other types of flowmeters, but the key is to meet the requirements: full pipe, then full pipe. If you are not satisfied with the pipe fittings, it is easy to make the flowmeter jump:

2. Like other flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters also have a protection level. Generally, the comprehensive protection level is IP 65 and IP 68 split type (for sensors). If the user has requirements for the installation environment of the instrument, and the installation location is in an underground shading well or other damp place, it is recommended that the customer choose the split type. In order to avoid damage to the instrument due to improper selection.

3. The electromagnetic flowmeter can measure corrosive liquids, but the user should correctly provide the performance of other measuring media at the beginning of the order to avoid errors in electrode selection, resulting in the sensor being scrapped in the later use process, bringing inconvenience and economy to the user loss.

4. Although the electromagnetic flowmeter has good reliability and is generally not damaged, due to its working principle, the electrode surface of the sensor has been in contact with the liquid for a long time, and the electrode surface is more likely to be contaminated. Therefore, in the general electromagnetic flowmeter In this case, it is recommended to clean the electrodes for one year to one and a half years to ensure the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter. Any instrument needs maintenance, and electromagnetic flowmeters are no exception.
5. When the main water pipe is a vertical pipe, under normal circumstances, the water flow must be bottom-up, and try not to be top-down. The latter can easily cause large fluctuations in traffic. In addition to installing a complete pipeline, this is also very important, followed by the distance between the front and rear straight pipes. "-

The importance of installing electromagnetic flowmeters is installed as required

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