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Why is the flow rate of the vortex flowmeter so small? You must pay attention to these five questions!

Author:    Source:    Date: 2021-05-19 16:06:32
In the process of using the new intelligent vortex flowmeter, due to long-term maintenance, there will be some minor problems, the most prominent of which is that the flow is sometimes too small. I don't know what happened. Let's find out together.
In the long-term operation of the vortex flowmeter, problems are inevitable. The key is to find problems in the details and keep these small problems in their embryonic state. The following five problems are common causes of low traffic.

First, the caliber is too big

The diameter of the flowmeter is too large, and the diameter corresponds to the flow rate. The flow range is usually 10 times instead of 0. For example, 10-100m3/h, then below 10m3, it can be displayed, but it is not allowed, or it can not be displayed directly.

2. Calibration adjustment

The on-site calibration is not good because the vibration and noise balance and sensitivity adjustment are not good, or the on-site situation changes after a period of operation after adjustment, causing indication problems. It can be readjusted according to the process operation.

Three, power calibration

If the wiring is incorrect, you can use a multimeter to measure whether the positive and negative polarities of the power cord are correct.

Fourth, the flow does not meet the requirements

The flow is too small to meet the working requirements of the flowmeter, and the flowmeter with a smaller diameter can be reduced or replaced.

Verb (abbreviation of verb) manual correction factor

You can modify the coefficient, enter the password first to enter the menu, find the coefficient, and call up the instrument coefficient.

In summary, this is the reason why the flow rate of the vortex flowmeter is so small. Not only the reasons are mentioned, but also the solutions are introduced. See if it works.

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