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Talk about the application of level instruments measurement

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-07 17:42:47

Liquid level gauge - the liquid level refers to the position of liquid, power solid or interface two immiscible liquid due to the density range in the storage container or industrial production equipment. Generally, depending on the particular usage, it is divided into level, material level, interface of sensor or transducer. 

 installation of magnetic level gauge

(Installation of magnetic level gauge)

Level measurement has an important position in the industrial automation systems, it is the important parameters to ensure continuity of production and the safety equipment. For example, in the case of continuous production, the maintenance of stability of liquid level in certain equipment (such as steam boilers, evaporators, etc.), it is essential to ensure safe production and equipment. For example, large boiler water level fluctuation is too large, in the event of tens of seconds without water, there is a danger of dry out. it is closely related between the selection and use of level measurement instruments and the production process, but generally, the purpose of the use of liquid instruments are the following:

fatory magnetic liquid level gauge manufacturer

(application of magnetic level indicators)

1. Correctly measuring the volume or weights of materials or liquid in storage container , that is the purpose of level measurement is used to measure and economic accounting.

2. Monitoring the level in vessel, to alarm the ,upper, lower limit of the level. That is, without continuous detection and output specific value of level, as long as output the switching signal of level change.

3. Continuously monitor and adjust production, the level is maintained at the desired height, which requires level measuring instrument continuous output the instantaneous signal value of the level.

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