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Application place of ultrasonic level sensor

Author:    Source:    Date: 2018-10-15 15:47:50

Ultrasonic level sensor is a common device for measuring liquid level, and has wilder application area. The ultrasonic level sensor has the characteristics of easy installation and non-contact measurement, and is not affected by the viscosity and transparency of the liquid. At the same time, the ultrasonic level sensor is transmitted by air, and its measurement accuracy is affected by ambient temperature, ambient humidity, medium temperature, medium pressure, wind speed and the like. According to the characteristics of the ultrasonic, the actual one is more suitable for occasions where the precision is not high and the working environment is not bad.


First. The water treatment industry.

Water treatment industry, including sewage treatment, tap water, pure water manufacturing and other occasions. The medium to be measured is basically sewage and clean water, and the accuracy of measurement is not high. Moreover, the working environment is basically not highly corrosive, there is no electromagnetic interference, and most of them work in the open air. At most, the waves in the water inlet are large, or there is a small amount of foam on the water surface.

Second. Water and hydrology industry.

In the water conservancy and hydrological industries, in the early years, the water level changes were mostly used at the gates. In recent years, due to the increased investment by the state in the water conservancy industry, mountain flood warning and water level rainfall monitoring are required in the small and medium-sized river basins. These occasions basically require 12VDC power supply and 485 output. Because they are all measured on the water surface, there is no requirement for the emission angle of the ultrasonic level sensor, and there is no volatility or foam.


Third. Farmland irrigation.

With the lack of water resources, farmland irrigation has begun to monitor water level and flow. They are generally carried out on relatively wide channels, and small channels generally do not require measurement. Common channel widths are more than 1 meter.

Fourth. Chemical companies.

Mainly for anti-corrosion and explosion-proof ultrasonic level sensor. The liquids of chemical companies are measured by ultrasonic waves and are basically in storage tanks. For example: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, liquid alkali, toluene, xylene, olefins, ammonia, acetone, and the like. These occasions can be solved with an ultrasonic level sensor.

If it is in the reaction kettle, the effect of using the ultrasonic level sensor will be poor because of the effects of stirring, high temperature, vacuum, steam, mist, foam, and the like. It is better to use radar level gauge, pressure level gauge, RF admittance level gauge, etc.


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