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Common faults and analysis of mass flowmeter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-08-09 15:01:33

In the liquid chemical production such as petroleum refining, the inlet and outlet materials of the equipment are mainly steam, gas energy and liquid raw materials and products. These materials all require high-precision measuring instruments. Therefore, the production workshop requires very strict requirements for the metering of the materials in and out of the equipment. .

mass flow meter

The failure of the mass flow meter in use is generally divided into two categories: measurement failure caused by process reasons and failure caused by damage of the flowmeter itself.

1. Measurement failure caused by process reasons:

The most common is the phenomenon of two-phase flow in the fluid being measured. Specifically, the measurement of the liquid is mainly that the liquid to be tested is not filled with the flow meter measuring tube or the upper collecting gas of the measuring tube, or the solid impurities enter the measuring tube, causing the mass flow meter to be faulty.

Treatment method: Ensure that the fluid measured by the mass flowmeter is a unidirectional flow by means of changing the installation mode of the exhaust gas, and take measures to remove solid impurities in the measuring tube.

2. The flowmeter itself is damaged due to damage to the mass flowmeter:

The most common use is the failure of the flowmeter junction box to enter the water or loose wiring to cause short circuit and signal loss.

Treatment method: In addition to strict specification of on-site installation, daily routine inspection and maintenance should be carried out to prevent more serious failures such as burning of sensor coils in time.


3. The transmitter board is damaged. The most common fault occurs when the transmitter's power board and signal processing output board are damaged.

Treatment method: In addition to strict specification of cable signal wiring, lightning protection grounding measures should be taken. Independent power supply should be used to ensure the reliability of the power supply and prevent the power supply voltage from fluctuating greatly and burn the device.

 mass flow meters

Split-type mass flowmeter, because the signal cable connection pipe is not well sealed, causing rainwater to leak into the sensor and burn the drive coil.

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