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Common factors influence the accuracy of flow meter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-17 16:05:07

Nowadays, we need to refer the data that measured by flow meter in water whether in industry or agriculture for water scheduling, Flow meter is a commonly used tools in modern industrial measurement, arrange for professionals to perform operations according to the standard can get the accurate data. Low precision index coefficient is the common phenomenon, this can affect the efficiency of final water distribution. The common factors influence the accuracy of flowmeter as follows:

 seprrated type electromagnetic flowmeter

Flow Meter.  With the development of science and technology industry research, there are more and more types of flow meters, just from the types of flow meters, they can be divided into metal tube rotameter, orifice plate flowmeter, volumetric flowmeter, electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, mass flow meter, vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, etc. and in terms of the media to divide the flow meter, it included liquid flow meter, gas flow meter, steam flowmeter, etc.

Different flow meter has different measuring range, if you choose a flow meter does not meet the actual application requirements, it will increase the uncertainty of the flow meter accuracy standards, further affect the operation  accuracy of the measuring instrument.


Human Factor.  As the professional measuring instruments in industrial production, environmental protection, energy measurement, etc. it has a specialized standards about operation of flowmeter, so the non-standard, non-profession, non-uniform operation by measurement personnel become the subjective factors that decrease the flow calculation accuracy.


Conclusion.  Metrology as the core in the industrial development, and accurate measurement can realize the standardization of production processes, and reduce all kinds of material consumption in the production process, it can enhance the utilization efficiency of various resources.

With the popularity of the flowmeter applications in various fields, people highly demand for high precision index of flow meter, which is the basic conditions to ensure the subsequent operations. So, firstly, people should choose suitable flowmeter to use in their working conditions; and then, a measurement personnel that have professional skills and operates follow the standard process is more important. Finally, you can better allocation the resource flows in the region.

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