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Why flap indicator of magnetic level gauge without moving?

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-07-04 16:56:33

The UHC type magnetic liquid level gauge is made up of measuring body, dual-colored display cylinder, ruler, top&low flange, magnetic ball and transmitter (4-20mA).Based on buoyance principle, the magnetic ball in the body of the level gauge is up or down with the liquid level changing and makes dual-colored turning to show the level of medium. Each cylinder is with two-color axisymmetric structures. The distance of two cylinders is 10mm. Red side of display cylinder indicates liquid and white side display cylinder indicates air. Besides measuring liquid level, it also could measure the interface of the two kinds of liquid. So, the main reasons cause the failure is below:

  magnetic liquid level gauge manufacturer

1. The float loses its magnetism, may be due to the high temperature or it does not use the high temperature magnetic float.

2. The pipeline internal, which equipped float, with a large number of impurities or high viscosity of the mixed liquid, float was stuck, can not move.

3. Small cylindrical body failure inside the flap indicator.

4. Second reason is easily occur, in this case, simply open the drain valve below the float pipe, you can immediately relieve blockage internal fault.

          Why flap indicator of magnetic level gauge without moving

The magnetic liquid level gauge we produce can effectively prevent such problems, and used in most of the industries, such as aerospace, defense, power, petroleum, environmental, chemical, construction, textile, metallurgy , pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, dyeing, boilers, etc. Safe and reliable, is highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers products.

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