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Obama is coming, what are you waiting for?

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-04-19 09:50:47

No.1 Do you want to have a date with Obama?

obama's speach in hannover messe

The United States, she always wants to be No.1. A lot of things proved"  No benefit, no getting up early" , such as to being Global Sheriff, robbing resource, occupying other country's mine, showing off her strength and advocating"democracy freedom". President Barack Obama, who is the busiest one in the world. He takes actions to sanctions against North Korea, creates setbacks for China and Russia. Central Asian countries are enslaved by him, etc. As an ordinary human, we never expect to have a chance to meet him or have an eye contact with him, even talk to him.

But, God always loves to create a magic. As a president, he will leave off his post, when he faces the prolonged the U.S. recession and lot of sponsor's expectation, in order to have a happy life aftertime. During this period, he found that playing political cards, talking democracy, showing off muscle is a too old fashion. Maybe, this will be a good way that put on the tag of "GOLDEN SALES" again to sale American the most advanced industrial products. So, no matter who invite him, President Barack Obama comes to Hannover Messe on April, 24th 2016 finally.

As a member of the Hannover Messe in 2016, we just only can do one thing. It is that look at the distribution's picture of Hannover Messe and click a like, then share it to the Facebook : "Do you want to have a date with Obama?”.

Hannover Messe Obama & Merkel

No.2 Hannover Messe, what is this? 

Official language: Hannover Messe was founded in 1947. After 70s of continuous development and improvement, it becomes the world's largest international industry event. It is unanimously considered advanced technology in the field of commercial and cutting-edge field of important international events. Hannover Messe, leading the innovation and development of the industrial world, was the barometer of the industrial development in the world and has grown to become one of the biggest trade fairs. It has a wide influence in the international trade and industry exhibition. The industrial automation show is the core of the exhibition. Naturally, it attracted the attention of numerous global elite industrial enterprise. Then, industrial automation exhibition will present a comprehensive and worldwide integrated industrial automation platform for the public.

You can understand like this: it is an excellent place and has excellent people here, excellent ideas and excellent products. Please remember that nothing is impossible.

No.3 Opening the window, to find the different world.

Since 2014, our company has been in touch with the organizers of the Hannover Messe. In 2015, we got the qualification to go to Hannover Messe and we successfully got a $2 million order of magnetic liquid level gauge and types of electromagnetic flowmeters in the case of inadequate preparation. The especial Asia girls who put on chirpaur are the best.

remote type high accuracy magnetic level gauge

No.4 Come on, 2016

This year, our company is making plenty of preparation works that No.11 exhibition hall has been booked by us. A66, a special booth belongs to our company. This time, our technology Chief Mr. Lan Wei will lead our excellent sales to go to Hannover Messe, we are looking forward to your coming.

The achievements we have made in 2015 are not our ultimate goal. We can do better in 2016.

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