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Requirements Straight Pipe of Flow Meter

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-19 13:41:20

There are a wide variety of flow meters, some of them have the straight pipe requirements, such as electromagnetic flow meter, vortex and the annubar flow meter and the orifice plate flow meter. Generally, for straight pipe requirement, it’s 5 times and 3 times of the corresponding diameter.

Requirements Straight Pipe of Flow Meter

We recommended straight pipe to stay longer if possible. In general, Orifice plate for front 10D and after 5D[1], and also for the front 24D back 7D, preferably former straight pipe 30~50D; Turbine flowmeter before 15D and after 5D; Vortex flowmeter for front 20D after 5D.

We will have no real empirical data for accuracy and errors. If the measurement parameters for process control, and process errors are within the acceptable range, If it is used for measurement, such as water, natural gas, oil should reach its nominal accuracy. What’s more,  measurement department will make the inspection of the measurement instrument, substandard will not pass.

Good flow meter needs a good environment, thus, it can make flow meter a good performance in industrial production.

[1]: D, for Diameter eg. 10D means the length of straight pipe is 10 times of the pipe diameter.

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