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The selection and installation of metal tube float flowmeters

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-02-27 15:55:58

Metal tube float flowmeter using variable area measurement principle of production research, suitable for measuring liquid, gas. It is all-metal structure, has many types, such as indicating type, electric remote type, corrosion-resistant type, high-pressure type, jacket type, explosion-proof type and so on. With 0-10mA, 4-20mA standard analog signal output and field instructions. Accumulation, digital communication, field modification of measurement parameters, different power supply functions, with magnetic filters and special specification varieties.

Here are some features of metal tube float flowmeter

1. Single-axis sensitive indication, reliable, small amount of maintenance, long life

2. For straight pipe less demanding

3. Wide flow ratio of 10: 1 Special: 20: 1

4. Suitable for small diameter and low flow media flow measurement

5. LCD display, can show instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, with backlight

6. Non-contact magnetic coupling drive

7. All-metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and highly corrosive media can be used for flammable, explosive hazardous situations

8. Optional two-wire system, battery, AC power supply

9. Multi-parameter calibration function, with data recovery, data backup and power-down protection

metal tube float flowmeter

In recent years, the development of industry led the instrumentation industry, With the development of industry, the development of the flowmeter is getting faster and faster, the industry scale is constantly expanding, and the sales volume of the flowmeter has also been on the rise. And the selection of flowmeter become the most important part before using the flowmeter. So metal tube float flow meter should be based on what aspects to choose?

>>> Selection

1. According to the price. In general, the higher the accuracy, the higher the price. It always depends on your actual budget and measurement purpose.

2. The Measured media. It includes measuring the type of medium, pressure, chemical properties and so on. Such as the liquid and gas medium, to determine the working pressure of the medium, whether the media is corrosive or not, and corrosive medium should choose anti-corrosion types of flow meter.

3. Flowmeter performance itself. If the above two points are confirmed, and the price is not a big change, we can first choose the one the needle valve place the top of the flowmeter; or the one has a larger flow through hole, or the direct flow scale; or the simple structure one; the one of smaller external dimensions, and so on. If it is the small flow range, you can choose the ball float type, because it is stable when measuring, and not easy to dust, with high precision and good interchangeability.

For the above points, then according to their own actual situation selection.


>>> Installation

Metal tube float flow meter with a wide application range, and the structure is simple, easy to install. But only the right and proper installation can bring about the best work efficiency and safety protection. Here we are going to talk about some installation tips:

1. We must choose the right place, should not choose high temperature heat and vibration and other adverse situations;

2. When installing the flowmeter, pay attention to the sensor on the level of the pipe position, don’t ignore this point, it usually with side-mounted;

3. On the installation of sensors, layer pipe needs to be insulated;

4. Be sure to ensure that it must have sufficient straight pipe section.

5. In order to facilitate the repair and replacement of flowmeter, access to the bypass pipe when the instrument is being installed.

6. The valve should be installed upstream of the flow meter, flow control valve should be installed in the downstream 5 to 10 times the meter diameter. For small diameter instruments, a filter should be installed in the upstream, if the measured medium containing magnetic material, magnetic filter should be installed in front of the flow meter.

7. When the measured medium is dirty, the pipe and the float should be promptly cleaned.

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