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Can the electromagnetic flow meter be installed vertically?

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2018-08-17 15:11:23

Many customers are not sure if they can be installed and under what process conditions they need to be installed vertically. When using an electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow rate of a liquid-solid two-phase medium at an industrial production site, vertical installation is better. The reason is:

material select of electromagnetic flowmeter

1. It can prevent the liquid-solid two-phase medium from generating uneven or phase separation of the two-phase distribution when the flow rate is low. To reduce the additional error caused by this.

2. The lining around the transmitter can be worn evenly. In summary, vertical installation of liquid-solid two-phase (or a small amount of small bubbles) fluid can not only improve the measurement accuracy, but also extend the life of the electromagnetic flowmeter. When installing vertically, the flow direction should be from bottom to top to ensure that the flowmeter pipe is always filled with media. If the fluid flows from top to bottom, once the production is unstable, an empty pipe may be generated in the pipe, so that the flow meter is in a negative pressure state.

In the continuous production process pipeline, in order not to affect the production, it is convenient to repair and disassemble the instrument. The electromagnetic flowmeter should be installed in parallel with the original main process piping as much as possible. In this way, once the flowmeter fails, it must be removed. As long as the main process pipeline valve is opened and the pipe wall transmitter end pipe valve is opened, the flowmeter can be disassembled and assembled, and the production can still be carried out as usual.

electromagnetic flowmeter display

However, this type of installation cannot be used when the material of the pipe to be tested is mixed with fibers, pulp or substances that are prone to agglomeration and scaling. Because the electromagnetic flowmeter is installed on the bypass pipe, the shut-off valve on the main pipe must be shut down for a long time. Due to the winding of the fiber and the precipitation of the solid phase medium, the valve will not open. Since the measured medium is prone to scale formation on the pipe, a cleaning port must be left in the installation. When cleaning, we only need to close the valve at both ends of the transmitter, open the valve of the parallel pipe and the blind plate of the cleaning port, and then clean it from below.


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