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Some real tips for use of magnetic column level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-09-08 15:24:46
Following tips are useful, you need read them before using a magnetic level gauge:
1. Before use, should first set the ball red following the zero point, and others be set white. 
2. Open the bottom flange, and mounted the magnetic float (Note: make the heavier side and the magnetic side direction up, can not be installed backwards);
3. When debugging, you should first open the upper lead pipe valve, then slowly open the lower valve, pressure calibrator, allow the media to enter the main duct smooth. (Running, it should avoid media sharp impact the float,  cannot cause the float volatility, affect the display accuracy), next, observation the magnetic ball flipping is normal or not, then shut down the lower pipe valve, open the drain valve, let the level drops in the tube. Repeatedly operating as this method three times , indeed normal, put the magnetic liquid level gauge into operation (special liquids except, like corrosive liquid.);
magnetic level gauge display

(some types of magnetic level gauge)

4. Magnetic level gauge must be installed vertically, it should be installed ball valves between the magnetic column level gauge and the container, for easy maintenance and cleaning;
5. The installation position of the magnetic level gauge, the media should avoid or away from the entrance and exit to prevent rapid changes of media , affecting the accuracy of the level measurement;  
6. Based on the media situation, we should clean the main conduit, remove impurities from time to time;
7. You should do this when the level gauge matches the remote supporting instruments:
  • The sensing side should be oriented and close to the main duct;
  • The remote supporting instruments should close to the main duct, and use the stainless steel hoop to be fixed(iron material forbidden);
  • The zero posioton should at the same level between the remote supporting instruments and the level indicator;
8. It should not contain solid impurities or magnetic material in the media, to avoid the jamming of the float; 
9. For over the certain length (ordinary type> 3 m, anti-corrosion> 2 meters) of level gauge, it should increase the reinforcing flange or era climb in the middle part of level gauge as the fixed support, to increase strength and overcome its own weight.

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