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General method of troubleshooting of magnetic level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-08-15 15:37:41

It will occur some faults more or less when using magnetic level gauge, If we can do some troubleshooting by ourselves, and solve what we can solve. It can save a lot of time and effort? 

So, here VACORDA introduce you some general methods of troubleshooting of magnetic level gauge:

General method of troubleshooting of magnetic level gauge

Observation before Hands

When the instrument malfunction, do not rush to get involved, we can first look at the trend of recorded curves. If the pointer reach the end slowly, usually it caused by the process; if the pointer suddenly ran to the end, generally the temperature sensing element or secondary instrument failure. You can also reference to other relevant instruments. When the instrument failure is confirmed, you can begin to do it.

External before Internal

Make sure that the fault occurs inside or outside of the secondary instrument. The general method is to check after External before Internal of the instruments.

First, eliminate the fault of connecting terminal, and then deal with the internal fault of the instruments.

Mechanical parts before the Line section

When using the magnetic level gauge, the possibility of a mechanical part of the fault is more than the line section, and the mechanical failure is more intuitive, and also easy to find.

Therefore, when you confirm that the fault is occur in internal part of the instrument, you should first check the mechanical parts, such as the mechanical parts loose, poor contact and then the the line section, especially the amplifier.


Generally, if you check the problem one by one as above, you can solve most of the faults of the secondary instruments. You can also contact us for more accurate solutions of liquid level gauge indicator.

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