Why can't the flapper turn after using a period of time?

1.Medium has changed

2.Impurity has stucked the float ball, and we need to clean up timely.

The new magnetic flap liquid level gauge can't show liquid level?

1.Check whether there is block in by pass pipe.

2.Check the the density of medium.

3.Check whether the float ball is stucked by float ball.

What's the longest length of magnetic liquide level gauge?

The length is customized, but in order to be convenient for transport, if the length is over 6m, we recommend.

If the float ball is installed at the wrong opposite direction, what's the influence?

Reading level will be higher than true level, usually higher length the diameter of float ball minus 70mm.

As for high and low level alarm, how to connect normally open and normally closed end?

1. As for unconversible switch alarm, we just need to directly connect amphenol connector;

2. As for conversible swich alarm, we could connect with NO-COM or NC-COM accordingly.

The level gauge is connected with secondary meter remotely. Why there is no change in the indicator of meter?

1.Check work condition of flapper part of level gauge or check work condition of float ball.

2.If the local part is ok, we should check if there is breakdown in transmitter.

What's the installation details of magnetic liquid level gauge?

1.Before installation, check specification with label plate.

2.There shouldn't magnetic field within 400m.

There is problem in output signal 4--20mA?

1.Check working power supply;

2.Check wiring;

3.Check load resistance;

4.Cerify measuring range, zero point.

What's specification we need to know before purchasing magnetic flap liquid level gauge?

 Medium density,working temperature, working pressure, material, flange center to center distance, flange standard, whether need 4-20mA output signal; whether need level alarm.

How to choose magnetic flap liquid level gauge and magnetic column liquid level gauge?

They are same at working principle and structure. But magnetic flap liquid level gauge's working temperature is higher.

Is it necessary to install vent valve?

Not necessary. it depends on case.

Why do some white flappers of magnetic flap liquid level gauge can't turn?

The flapper are stucked.

What's requirements of float ball of magnetic flap liquid level gauge?

The structure and material of float ball depend on medium density, working pressure, working temperature and corrosivity.

Could measuring range of magneti flap liquid level gauge be 10m?

It could be, but we need to fabricate in sections to be convenient for transport.

The ruler of magnetic flap liquid level gauge should be same as measuring range?

Not necessary, it could be customized.

Could customers change the position of flanges?

It can't be changed. the position of flange depends on flange center to center distance.

What's the warranty of magnetic flap liquid level gauge?

One year.

What's the lowest density of magnetic flap liquid level gauge?

The lowest density is 0.45g/cm3.

If temperature is over 100℃, could we use magnetic flap liquid level gauge?

Yes, we have special type of high temperature, and highest temperature could be 500℃.

Is there level gauge suitable for -196℃?

 We could use anti-frost magnetic flap liquid level gauge.

If the flow rate is high, which type of level gauge should we use?

We recommend you the magnetic flap liquid level gauge.

Can magnetic flap liquid level gauge be used in liquid petroleum gas tank?

Sure, material of float ball should be titanium.

Should we clean up level gauge timely?


Is it safe to use magnetic flap liquid level gauge?

It's safe. If medium conform to requirements, the level gauge is very reliable.

What's meaning of "DN25"?

DN means diameter of pipe.