HB3351 Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitters

Short Description:

Measuring Range: 50Pa-10MPa

Accuracy: 0.2, 0.5

Signal Output: 4-20mA DC HART

Diaphragm Material: SS316L, HC-276, Ta, Monel

Flange Material: SS316L

Indiator Housing Material: Cast Aluminum, SS304

Working Temperature: -40~200℃(Optional)

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HB3351 series intelligent differentialpressure transmitter adopt the capacitive sensor chip with the most mature technology, which is the most widely used by foreigners,bring in the advanced production process and technology, use modular design and all-patch-packaging components to make the differential pressure transmitter compact and perfect.


HB3351 series intelligent differential pressure transmitters have 3 models: normal analog model, conventional smart model and standard smart model. It can be read at night with LCD backlight. The smart series can be adjusted at site through the spot button. The maximum measuring range ratio is 50:1.


Product Features



1. High precision, stable performance, two-wire system
2. No mechanical moving parts, low maintenance
3. Pressure transmitter is Light weight, small size.


Product Parameters


Measuring range:



1. Digital Signal: ± 0.05;

2. Analog signal: ± 0.075, ± 0.2, ± 0.5 

3. Micro range (≤ 1.5kPa): ± 0.2 

Output signal:


Load Resistance:

0-600Ω (24VDC power)


> 1000m


± 0.2% FS / Year ( t = 28 °C, the maximum static pressure 6.9 MPa, range 1:1 condition) 

Power influence:

<0.005% / V 

Power supply:


Operating temperature:

-20-85 °C 

Environment temperature:

-40 - +50 °C

Relative humidity:


Cable perforation lines:

M20 × 1.5M or NPT1 / 2 ”

Sensor fill fluid:

Silicone oil, fluorine oil 

Protection class:


Explosion-proof grade:

1. Intrinsically safe (i) Exia ii CT6 Ga
2. Flameproof (d) Exd ii CT6 Gb




















Product Applications


Differential pressure transmitter is mainly used in petroleum, iron and steel, metallurgy, oil, chemicals, power plants, light industry, sewage treatment, flow measurement.



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