HBY301 Hydrostatic Liquid Level Gauge

Short Description:

Measuring range: Level: 0~50m(Open tank);

Pressure: -0.1~70MPa(Closed tank)

Accuracy class: 0.5

  • Operating temperature:-50~80°C

Output signal: 4~20ADC, 0~20mA

Product Detail

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HBY301 hydro static liquid level gauge utilizes the linear variation of liquid height, density and pressure to convert the variation of the level into linear 4~20mADC standard signal.This liquid level gauge adopts imported highly stable sensors and temperature compensation correction technology to achieve such top features as good anti-interference, reliability and good stability.


Product Features


1.Level of acid, alkali or none-corrosive mediums measurements.

2.High anti-interference,stability and reliability

3.Lighting-proof design



Technical Parameters


 Measuring range Liquid level:0~50m
Accuracy 0.5
Signal output 4~20ADC, 0~20mA
Loading resistance 0~600Ω
Transmitting distance >1000m
Working voltage 24VDC
Working temperature -50~ +80 °C
Environmental temperature -40~ +50 °C
Relative humidity ≤85%
Contacting liquid material Stainless steel, PP, PTFE
Installation flange DN32 (Standard flange: HG/T20593,20595-97) RF sealing face
Electrical connection M20×1.5
Explosion-proof grade Exia II CT6Ga   Exd II CT6Gb


Product Structure


HBY301 Hydrostatic Liquid Level Gauge02

Standard flange:          HG/T20592-2009

 HBY301 Hydrostatic Liquid Level Gauge03


Installation diagram

HBY301 Hydrostatic Liquid Level Gauge04


HBY301 hydrostatic liquid level gauge  can be widely used to measure the level and pressure of open containers with acid, alkali or non-corrosive mediums in the field of petroleum, iron and steel, metallurgy, oil, light industry, chemical industry, thermal power plants, sewage treatment and other industries.


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