Side Mounted Water Oil Liquid Tank Magnetic Level Gauge Level Indicator With 4-20ma Switch Signal Output

Short Description:

Measuring Range: 150-6000mm(Customize)

Density: More than 0.45g/cm³

Nominal Pressure: PN2.5~PN420(x 0.1MPa)

Operation Temperature: -190 ~ +425 ℃

Material: SS304, SS316L, SS321, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18N9, 00Cr17NiMo2

Protective Class: IP65,IP67

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Working Principle
The UHC side-mounted magnetic liquid level gauge is made up of measuring body,dual-colored display cylinder, ruler, top&low flange,magnetic ball and transmitter (4-20mA). Based on buoyance principle,the magnetic ball in the body of the level gauge is up or down with the liquid level changing and makes dual-colored turning to show the level of medium. Each cylinder is with two-color axisymmetric structures.The distance of two cylinders is 10mm. Red side of display cylinder indicates liquid and white side display cylinder indicates air. Besides measuring liquid level,it also could measure the interface of the two kinds of liquid.

1. High precision sied-mounted magnetic liquid level gauge has simple structure, good stability and reliability.
2. Independent of medium’s physical and chemical states such as conductivity, dielectric constants, foam etc.
3. Appliable for all kinds of medium environment such as corrosive, toxic and explosive one.
4. Interface measurement or level measurement of 2 kinds of medium with different density.
5. Two-wire 4~20mADC signal output, 0.8’’ or 0.56” LED digital display of intelligent digital side-mounted magnetic level gauge


Technical Parameter

(1) Center-center distance: 150~6000mm
(2) Medium density: More than 0.45g/cm3
(3) Nominal pressure: PN2.5~PN40(x 0.1MPa)
(4) Material: SS304, 316L or customized
(5)Operating temperature: -190 ~ +425 °C
(6) Process connection: DN20/RF/14 for defaulted
(7)Indicator types:
    A: Al &ABS flap cylinder B: Al flap plate
    C: PVC ABS flap cylinder D: PP&ABS flap cylinder
    E: AL &LED F: PP&LED
(8) Structure of top chamber: 1.Welding cap2.Welding cap with M14*1.5 plug screw3.Flange4.Flange with M14*1.5 plug screw5.Welding cover with DN20 flange6.Flange with DN20 flange7.Welding cover with air valve8.Flange with air valve
(9) Structure of bottom chamber: 1.Flange cover2.Flange with drain plug screw3.Flange with DN20 welding tube4.With DN20 flange5.With needle/ball valve
Protection class: IP65

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Intelligent digital side-mounted magneticflap liquid level gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, oil field, pharmaceuticals industry, food, wine industry etc., suitable for level measurements under the environment of high/low temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, toxicity.
The magnetic flap level gauge can be directly used to observe the liquid level of media in various containers. It is suitable for liquid level indication in petroleum, chemical and other industrial fields. The liquid level gauge has the advantages of simple structure, intuitive and clear observation, no blockage and leakage, convenient installation and simple maintenance. The upper and lower flanges of the glass plate level gauge are connected with the container to form a connector. The actual height of the liquid level in the container can be directly observed through the glass plate. The upper and lower valves are equipped with safety steel balls. When the glass is accidentally damaged, the steel balls will automatically seal under the action of internal pressure in the container to prevent liquid overflow in the container and ensure the safety of operators.

Magnetic Level Gauge Installation and Working Video

Application of Vacorda Magnetic Level Gauge

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