Vacorda UHF-C Anti-RF Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Gauge and Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

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Measuring Range: 50~76000mm

Probe Material: SS304 or SS316

Operating Temperature: -40 ~+85 ℃

Probe Endure Pressure: ≤PN340

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UHF Magnetostrictive Level Gauge Working Principle
The UHF-C magnetostrictive level gauge is developed according to the principle of magnetostriction, and it is a new generation of high-precision measurement level gauge.
When the magnetostrictive level gauge is working, the transmitter circuit outputs an excitation pulse current, and the pulse current propagates along the magnetostrictive line and generates a pulse current magnetic field.
The sensor rod of the magnetostrictive liquid level gauge is equipped with a magnetic float, and the float moves along the rod with the change of the liquid level.
A permanent magnetic ring is installed inside the float. When the pulse current magnetic field meets the magnetic ring magnetic field of the float, the magnetic field around the float changes so that the magnetostrictive wire generates a torsional wave pulse at the position where the float stays. This pulse is at a fixed speed. It is transmitted back to the transmitter along the magnetostrictive line and detected by the detection circuit.
The central processor calculates the time difference between the pulse current and the torsion wave pulse to accurately determine the position of the float, that is, the position of the liquid surface.
Transmitter analog-to-electric conversion circuit outputs 4-20mA signal or RS485 MODBUS signal, so as to realize the purpose of remote transmission of liquid level signal.

UHF Magnetostrictive Level Gauge Advantages
High accuracy, high repetitive measurement, stable and reliable performance
Multiple signals are optional,
The zero point and full degree are 100% in the measurement range
Anti-RF interference and lightning protection design
It does not require regular calibration and maintenance
The installation method is flexible and easy
It has strong pollution resistance and is suitable for harsh industrial environment
Rigid rod structure.The pressure bearing performance is good
Flexible construction.Solve the problem of super-long-range measurement, convenient transportation and installation
Corrosion structure in strong corrosion environment

Technical Parameter: 

Outputs: Digital—SSI, Modbus
Analog—voltage, current
Measured position: SSI—1 position
Modbus—1~3 position
Analog—1~2 position
Range: 50~76000mm
Power supply:  24V
Communication: EIA-RS485/RS422
Update time: SSI, Modbus: length 100 300 750 1000 2000 5000
Frequency 4 3.7 3.0 2.3 1.2 0.5KHz
Operating temperature: -40° C~+85° C
Storage temperature: 0° C ~+70° C
Probe endure pressure: Less than 34MPa
Insulation: 500VDC

Appearance Structure 


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