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Five notices of purchasing the magnetic level gauge

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-05-22 16:54:48
Magnetic level gauge is one of the best application instruments for liquid level measurements, it has many favorable features, such as, simple structure, good stability, reliability and durability and so on. And vacorda’s UHC series magnetic flap liquid level gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical l industry, oil field, pharmaceuticals industry, food, wine industry etc., suitable for level measurements under the environment of high/low temperature., high pressure, strong corrosion, toxicity. Here we will provide you some notices about purchasing the suitable magnetic level gauge.

types of the magnetic level gauges

First. When the level gauge equipped with remote devices:
  • The remote device should be close to the level gauge main pipe, fixed with stainless steel hoop (you cannot use the iron materials);
  • The sensing surface should be facing and close to the main tube;
  • The zero point of remote meter should be on the same level as the level gauge;
  • The connection between remote device and the display instrument or the IPC should be best to wear a protective tube separately or laying with the shielded with two-core cable;
  • After the laying of the junction box, it needs the good seal to avoid the rain, moisture and other invasive, or the remote instrument cannot work, the junction box should be covered after the completion of maintenance or commissioning.    

Second. The main tube should be cleaned and remove impurities from time to time according to the media conditions;

Third. When the length of the level gauges more than 3 meters (anti-corrosion type> 2 meters), it need to increase the middle reinforcement flange or ear climbing for fixed support to increase the strength and overcome their own weight;

Fourth. The installation location of magnetic level gauge:

Should avoid or away from the import and export of materials and materials to avoid the rapid changes in the local area of the material fluid, affecting the accuracy of liquid level measurement; 

installation of magnetic level gauge

Fifth. When debugging the magnetic flap level gauge:

Should first open the upper tube valve, and then slowly open the lower valve, so that the media smoothly into the main tube, and it should avoid the media rapidly impact on the float, causing the float fluctuations, affecting the display accuracy. Observe whether the magnetic red and white ball flipping is normal, and then close the lower tube valve, open the sewage valve, so let the main tube liquid level down. Operate three times according to this method, if it is normal, then you can put into operation (except for corrosive and other special liquid); 

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