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Magnetic flap level gauge use precautions

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2017-05-24 15:21:47
Vacorda Magnetic level gauge is widely used in various types of tanking petroleum, chemical industry, oil field, pharmaceuticals industry, food, wine industry etc., like diesel fuel tank, oil tank, general liquid tank ,reaction tank etc. suitable for level measurements under the environment of high/low temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, toxicity. Now, we are talking about some using precautions of the magnetic level gauge.
Remote Type Frost Proof Magnetic Level Gauge
1. We should pay particular attention to the level gauge when using it, do not use a strong magnet to pull the float to check in the connecting tube up and down. Otherwise it will lead to magnetic float magnetization and change the polarity, and even make the float magnetic weakened, so difficult to work properly.

2. Magnetic flap level meter on-site use, we should first open the upper gate valve, then the lower. This is because the bottom of the level gauge connection tube is provided with a retaining spring that protects the float, otherwise the effect of the large differential pressure may cause the level gauge to be unusable.

3. Magnetic flap level gauge adjustment normal, after the float found in a location for some time “adsorb" phenomenon. This is mainly due to the fact that the level gauge is too close to the steel plate when it is installed through the steel platform. Therefore, it requires special attention to this space.
installation of magnetic level gauge
4. It occasionally found the float is not flexible enough when floating up and down. This is mostly due to improper installation, at this time to pay attention to whether the center of the upper and lower flanges on a line, whether or not perpendicular to the horizontal plane. In general, the best angle with the horizontal plane is not less than 87 degrees, if the deviation is large, may affect the smooth movement of the float.

5. Magnetic flap level gauge used for some time, the float is difficult to float and the float is not flexible. This is basically because the magnetic float stained with iron or other dirt. You can first emptying the media, and then remove the float, remove the magnetic float on the stained iron or other dirt can be.

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