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Quality- life of Vacorda instruments

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-10-26 15:46:24

The word "quality" is no stranger to us, and "quality" is closely related to us.it has become one of the most frequently used words in today's society. Such as product quality, quality of work, quality of life, quality of service, etc., in short, people created everything is ultimately to improve their quality of life.


We are a professional manufacturer specialized in design and produce level instruments, flow instruments, temperature and pressure instruments. We have such a slogan: good reputation and appreciation among customers is more important than the gold medal. We are very focus on the quality. We believe that only quality is the foundation of the product. Any one of the negligence and neglect will lead in varying degrees of impact to the overall quality of the enterprise, The survival of enterprises and our lives are closely related to the development of enterprises to work is our responsibility. Quality is the life of the enterprise, we need to concentrate on the work so that we produce good quality products, so that enterprises go farther in the path of sustainable development.

A real life of the enterprise is because there is a heavy foundation for the protection of quality, An enterprise's image is the quality of each employee carefully built out, Quality is the accumulation of the production process, and only the production process to achieve management of every aspects. Thus, it can ensure the quality of the products, this is the customer's trusted products.


Our main products are:

1. Magnetic level gauge, magnetic level switches, magnetic level controllers, bicolor quartz tube level gauge, boiler water level gauge and  glass plate liquid level gauge, capacitance level gauge, liquid (material) level switch series.

2. Wedge-shaped flow meter, metal rota-meter, V Cone flow meter, throttling device, electromagnetic flow meter;

3. Pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter series;

4. Temperature transmitter, bimetallic thermometer, thermocouple, rtd.


Our products are widely successfully used in steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, food, light industry and other industries in the production process and control, some products have been repeatedly supporting exports.


It is precisely because of our customers’ good reputation, we can continue to develop, and have the power to continue to provide customers with more quality products and services. Here Vacorda thanks every clients for their support. 

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