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Reasons for the liquid level fluctuated when measuring the C4 liquefied gas

Author:vacorda    Source:vacorda.com    Date: 2016-11-24 16:11:29

Magnetic flap level gauge can be used to measure the level of liquefied gas, and we should select the cavitation erosion resistance materials. Here we use a case to analyze the liquefied gas application of magnetic level gauge.



These days, the liquid level of the magnetic level gauge measuring the C4 liquefied gas is sometimes fluctuated, close the valve and open, both the float ball and the gas-liquid phase valve are all OK. The client need us to explain the reasons and solve the problems.

fatory magnetic liquid level gauge manufacturer


Generally, there are 2 main reasons for this kind of phenomenon:

The first, the gas gasification of the gas blocking phenomenonIt is the liquid of low boiling point at a point or a location in the pipeline due to outside local temperature rise occur the gasification, The gasification of the gas did not immediately remove for some reasons and then stay here, occupy a considerable space and block the flow of liquid, and finally forming a liquid gas block.

The second, the float may be stuck. The thickness of the steel pipe you choose at the beginning time is small. Or there is a large foreign body sometimes stuck the float and caused the false liquid level phenomenon.

There are also other reasons for this kind of phenomenon, for example, the magnetic properties of the float are weaken, but this kind of reason hardly occur.


Finally, For liquefied gas measurement, this phenomenon is most likely due to gasification. If you bought our magnetic flap level gauge, we would be in accordance with the actual site-specific parameters for your custom, we would fully taken into account the gasification. Each of the level gauge produced by our factory, we will make according to the actual working conditions of the customers.

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