Application of Magnetic Flip Column Liquid Level Meter in Pharmaceutical and Medical

Electrochemical magnetic flip-column level gauge plays a vital role in the safe production of medicines. Excessive use of solvents and powders creates an explosion hazard. Eliminating oxygen with a blanket gas (usually nitrogen) reduces the chance of a fire or explosion.


Oxygen Control and Monitoring in Pharmaceutical and Medical Gases Pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals are typically prepared in batches by mixing many components in a reactor. These reactors range in size from tabletop glass jars to large glass-lined or stainless steel vessels with stirrers such as giant household food stirrers. The vessel will be blanketed with nitrogen before and during mass production. Oxygen levels must be monitored at all times to ensure operator and plant safety.

Previously, the company just permanently supplied N to the process and didn’t care about the oxygen level. However, N2 is a consumable and its associated costs can and must be reduced. This is achieved by monitoring the oxygen level and stopping the supply of N2 when the O2 level is safe. Inertization in centrifuges Organic solvents are commonly used in pharmaceutical production processes.

To control the vapor mixture that could lead to an explosion, the scraper centrifuge will be purged with nitrogen before starting production. Therefore, during the production process, the centrifuge remains in a nitrogen atmosphere. To compensate for air ingress through leakage, a magnetic flip level gauge was used to control N injection.

After pressure inertization, at the initial start-up of the inertization, use a portable measuring device (such as the GPR-1200 series) to determine the oxygen content in the exhaust gas stream.

To set up the device with a pre-installed on-line oxygen measurement, the O2 content in the exhaust gas stream will be continuously measured, and if excess oxygen is present (e.g. about 6%), nitrogen will be added until the oxygen content decreases back to 4% to meet the LEL of the process.
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