Electromagnetic flowmeter consists of two parts: converter and sensor

Electromagnetic flowmeter consists of converter and sensor. It has no flow pressure loss in measuring corrosion flow, fiber containing fluid, slurry and dirt flow, and has a series of excellent characteristics. This is because the detection elements of the flowmeter are outside the measuring pipe and are less affected. Therefore, it can be applied to this flowmeter in many special occasions. Then the following small series will introduce the performance characteristics of the flowmeter.
Features of electromagnetic flowmeter: no pressure loss; The electromagnetic flowmeter measures the volume flow of the measured fluid under the working state, and the measurement principle does not involve the influence of fluid pressure, viscosity, temperature and density; The measurement range is large, and the caliber of electromagnetic flow transmitter ranges from 2.5mm to 2.6m; It can be used to measure industrial conductive slurry or liquid; It can not only measure the volume flow of general conductive liquid, but also measure the volume flow of uniform liquid-solid two-phase suspension liquid such as pulp, mud and pulp and strong corrosive liquid such as strong alkali and strong acid.
With the breakthrough of technology, electromagnetic flowmeter is not only suitable for flow instrument with high-precision total measurement, but also suitable for high-precision flow measurement. With the development of science and technology, the measurement accuracy has been continuously improved, and the application range is becoming wider and wider. At present, the measurement accuracy of flowmeter can be paralleled with that of turbine flowmeter

Post time: 11-05-22